What sets us apart

What really makes us stand out from the rest?

  • We don’t resell hardware or software. Were strictly professional services. We’ll never push a box or application for margin.
  • Our managed services platform is customized to meet each customers individual needs.
  • We provide value in the form of maturity. The care and fame of your systems and users is our primary aim. 


The debate between hiring full time and leveraging a managed service provider. Our employment model solves the three largest problems in IT staffing. 

  • We provide continuing education for our staff that keeps them up to date on the latest technologies and industry trends
    • If you’re not providing ongoing continued education to your IT staff they can unknowingly switch from early adopters to laggards of technology.
  • Our managed services team can have proper vacations and out of the office time for personal recreation and relaxation 
    • Most full time IT people we meet get about three vacation days a year. They have to stay close and be available at the drop of a hat which limits travel
  • Our staff are constantly challenged with new projects, new clients and the flexibility to be exposed to different environments. 
    • Traditional full time IT staff can feel trapped in in one place with limited challenges that push their abilities and curiosity


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