Finance businesses have a unique strategy that’s mature and time tested. Though many industry and regulatory hurdles are required to operate go-to-market time can be significantly reduced with standard operating procedures and processes. Light Speed Systems has a extensive library of IT documentation purpose built for Hedge Funds and similar financial services companies. We respond quickly to customer requests for compliance related data and evidence based proof to consistently meet compliance milestones.

Our passion for IT management translates to a high level of customer engagement and interaction. We explore all components and requirements to establish recurring planned maintenance objectives that generate all needed verification documentation predictably and reliably. Evidence based facts produce ongoing winning results.

Financial IT Trends

  1. Dedicated systems, processes, and people to sustain compliance objectives like end-of-month closings
  2. Cloud-first technology solutions to reduce or eliminate the need for on-prem servers and hardware life cycle management
  3. Ever growing demand for internet utilization and throughput. Ever growing demand for data, data sets, and fast hardware components to reduce computation time in perpetuity.
  4. Establishing, maintaining, and growing partner relationships and producing a powerful network of trust
  5. Rapid response to technical issues by phone, email, chat, onsite assistance
  6. Rapid recovery to line of business applications and proactive treatment of 1st party support contracts
  7. Applying modern software development life cycle best practices with the first full time developer
  8. Fact based review of computing requirements using specialized tools like passmark bench marking software

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