Law & Legal

Light Speed Systems understand the special set of requirements legal teams go through to satisfy their customers and uphold the system we all depend on. We have extensive experience in data acquisition and forensic analysts tools for analyzing data assisting legal partners. We work with our customers to turn large amounts of data into reports that helps demystify the complex. Our dedicated forensic workstations are purpose built with ultra fast NvRAM disks that tackle tough indexing tasks. We’ve made significant investment into commercial off the shelf software for doing advanced analysis of mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Trends in Legal IT

  1. NvRAM hard drives to power through large indexes
  2. Cloud file systems that enable greater sharing and collaboration
  3. Dedicated workstations for legal processing like forensics and legal submissions
  4. Explosion of online classes and legal training platforms
  5. SSO integration techniques to better centrally manage access to different on-prem or in-cloud platforms
  6. Reliable on-prem or in-cloud PBX (phone) system and backup lines like POTS (traditional telephone line) or cellular.
  7. Cellular signal boosters and Microcells to extend cellular deeper into buildings or last-mile properties
  8. Dedicated printers, scanners, and fax machines and MFP devices that actively follow a planned maintenance and cleaning schedule

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