The automotive industry is being disrupted with battery powered cars and advanced electronics that require expensive tools. The equipment to run a full-service automotive shop is being increased by the demand for more innovative automobiles. The automotive shops of the future will need to adopt a managed service approach to proactively maintaining their customers fleet of vehicles.

Were engaged with many automotive businesses that have significant line of business investments in computers, scanners, readers, software, and digital assets that enable them to perform at the near-dealer level. Software is starting to do more heavy lifting in diagnostics and root cause analysis before a work order is signed or a wrench is turned.

Automotive Tech Trends

  1. More and more network or bluetooth enabled tools
  2. Greater dependency on shop WiFi and network performance
  3. Multi-system approach to vehicle analysis
  4. Advanced odometer fraud detection and analysis offerings
  5. Shop TVs, Media Delivery, Wireless Headphones, Heads up displays

Light Speed Systems can build high performance workstations for Automotive shop and integrate an incredible number of devices to handle the needs of all consumer automobiles. We can provide analytics on odometer fraud using commercial off the shelf hardware and software solutions. Were intimately familiar with AllData and its unique requirements for accessing all manufacturer vehicle data.

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