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Agriculture is making huge technological leaps and bounds as irrigation equipment becomes automated and new tractors offer self driving. New generations of farmers are looking ahead at new offerings in the marketplace to put their acres in the forefront of change.

As climate change impacts earth, small but noticeable changes are occurring that alter planting dates or add workload like an additional unexpected cutting of alfalfa. Drones are in use to keep tighter information on crop development. New tools are giving farmers added insight into the scope of their next planting season. Planned maintenance on equipment now offers opportunities to add an IoT component for automation or monitoring. Farming software is at its peak for adoption from the next generation that will want a digital solution to farm management.

At the end of 2018 the US Government removed Hemp from the list of prohibitive crops. Though seeds are expensive, farmers are now starting small Hemp crops to test the growing cycles and market conditions.

Farm Tech Trends

  1. Wheel-line irrigation automation and battery power conversion kits using iPhone/Android controllable apps
  2. Drone deployment to inspect crops, soil, drainage, fly-by’s, etc.
  3. IoT sensors to track all imaginable environmental variables.
  4. GPS Powered Driver-less Tractors
  5. Farm or Crop management software
  6. Wireless Bridges connecting properties further into the last-mile

Light Speed Systems provides consulting and engineering for Ag and Farm automation. We can help you design a system to remotely control fixed assets and equipment that previously required manual intervention. We can help impliment software solutions like FarmLogs and Climate. We support most IoT boards including Arduino, Edison, Raspberry Pie, BeagleBone, and all applicable sensors.

Our data center facility and core infrastructure devices are capable of supporting millions of devices. Remote controllers can be built to use Cellular, WiFi, or Satellite communications for remote management.

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