Accounting businesses have a pragmatic approach to business processes. These companies play a major role in the work force of america and without them the common small business owner would be left on his or her own to navigate through trial and error.

Accounting companies need to be able to perform a large amount of data entry and financial computation. As data moves up the stack from bookkeeping to the CPA, reliability and speed are key. Retention of customer records for 10 years is common and requires multiple storage strategies.

When financial emergencies occur having customers on speed dial and available by phone at a moments notice is key. Lack of reliable telephony hurts the urgency or severity of the matter at hand. These events generally cluster together around tax time and are cyclical.

Key IT strategies for Accounting Small Businesses

  1. Capable workstations with specialized accounting software to handle data entry and large batches of information
  2. Tiered storage of digital files and standard operating procedures around physical file rooms.
  3. Multiple Concurrent Users-Capable Accounting Software
  4. Specialized Tax prep software like CCH that has batching capabilities
  5. Current 1st party support (contracts) from software vendors
  6. Equipment or vendors capable of handing batches of large print outs, filings, statements, etc.
  7. CRM software for centrally managing key components of the business, its customers, and supporting documents
  8. Reliable primary phone system and inexpensive secondary phone like cellular or land-line
  9. Proof of concept Blockchain integration into existing general ledger systems

Light Speed Systems offers a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise multi-user server that includes full Office, Acrobat, and other helpful tool. It’s backed up and rebooted nightly. Our hosting charges include the QuickBooks user licenses we buy in bulk and provide at wholesale costs.

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