Light Speed Systems entrepreneurial skills help us manage many different types businesses and IT systems. Every market is different and every business in that marketplace has its own way of doing things. Below is our growing list of market place indicators for growth and decline. We understand IT marketplace conditions and how they relate to your business.

IT marketplace growth drivers

  1. The race to zero in speed and size. As time goes on speeds and sizes increase while dollar cost(s) decrease. Revisiting fixed cost services like internet circuits on a regular cadence drives competition and lowers cost.
  2. Applying care to the five functional ares of IT management: Architecture/Design, Networking, Security, Backup-Disaster Recovery, and Support. Mature organizations need resources in these five key functional categories to produce long term results.

IT Marketplace decline drivers

  1. Legacy Lock-in. Being closed minded to the usable life of hardware/software and the implications caused with delayed updates and upgrades. IT debit in this area is hard to measure and quantify especially in disaster scenarios.
  2. Auto renewing internet or hosting subscriptions without receiving a competitive analysis of market rates which translates to reduced budget and effective efforts into strategic IT growth.

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