Blockchain technology represents a natural evolution in the accounting marketplace. For hundreds of years people and businesses have been using the dual-ledger accounting system to track money-in, and money-out. The promise of Blockchain accounting is to add a third ledger for verification that balances entries. The token and coin features of Blockchain are great example of hyper growth and adoption of this technology and the seemingly limitless application of them throughout all markets.

Using hybrid cloud designs Light Speed Systems has created highly available and secure computing systems for Blockchain development and production. Hosting and administration are just one component to a successful implimentation. Light Speed Systems can build you a proof of concept Blockchain application or prototype and incorporate into a modern agile software development framework.

Blockchain Trends

  1. Maturity of underlying operating system running Blockchain applications. In production circumstances Light Speed Systems chooses Redhat operating system.
  2. Semi-mature proof of authority gaining dominance over proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.
  3. Hashicorp stack integration along side of functional application create ultra fast deployments and recovery processes.
  4. Virtual Machine or Container symmetry between on-prem hardware and on-cloud infrastructure services like Azure and AWS.
  5. Ever growing community of early adopters and ecosystem. Many powerful groups and channels exist to get help and find answers.
  6. Larger budgets for proof-of-concept design requests around integrations into legacy accounting systems.
  7. Emerging big buyers adopting Blockchain or similar technologies into their stacks with aggressive adoption plans (chase bank, small government entities)

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