Insurance Services

Light Speed Systems manages many insurance agency IT systems and understands the needs of its administrators, producers, owners and operators. Insurance it self comes in many different forms and through many agencies share common abilities there are specialty insurance firms that have unique requirements.

At the heart of this is customer loyalty and customer intimacy. A strong bond can form between the insurance agent (or agency) and the customer base that can last generations. As buying insurance becomes simpler the connection with an insurance professional becomes more important the number of policies you have. Its easy to buy the wrong thing and not realize you have a problem until its too late. Successful agencies pride them selves on ensuring they do the right things in the relationship to keep their customers covered and fulfilled, accident or not.

Part of an effective agency strategy is the AMS (agency management system) that drives most functional components of the business. Multi-office agencies need standardized equipment and common configurations across all offices. Data entry level is medium and many cyclical events drive the business like annual renewals and seasonal claim activities.

Insurance Tech Trends

  1. Agency roll-up strategies and cost reduction using economies of scale
  2. Cloud Apps, Cloud Phone Systems, Cloud AMS offerings that remove the dependency for a server on-prem
  3. Niche insurance offerings catering to premium buyers that have unique needs or unique circumstances
  4. Building a resilient network of trust with local lawyers, doctors and other community driven small businesses partners.
  5. Field workers gaining higher quality internet connectivity to access applications and produce work product real time

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