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Freeing up your business to focus on its own particular engine of expertise (otherwise known to you as “the important stuff”) is what we strive to enable. At Light Speed Systems, we’re both conscious and cognizant of the support that our clients need, and as a result, have crafted an intimate managed IT service approach to deliver reliable and predictable results. Managed IT Services with Light Speed Systems means unparalleled guidance and support for your IT needs. In short, we take our expertise of day-to-day advanced technology management and give your specific IT workflow precise As your extended IT department, we free you from the day-to-day management and take care of things like servers, redundancy, scalability, and allow you to focus on the important stuff; your employees working on your work, your systems operating as though invisible and the business serving its customers’ needs. We provide the strategy and technology consulting needed to support growth for your enterprise. As new technologies emerge, we keep you ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge, ready to face the future so your business can continue to leverage its full potential.

Managed IT Services is the core of our business and deeply embedded in our culture. Our team enjoy working with clients in diverse markets and gaining exposure to work on different problems with different people. The change in scenery helps keep things feeling new while challenging and rewarding. Our client and staff retention is proof of our passion and achievement.

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