Educational institutions are pushed to deliver digital resources to students and faculty. The campus network design is a hallmark example of the required planning and preparation needed to build a system of scale.

Large campus’ have incredible bandwidth and user requirements. Cabling and wiring alone can run for miles through underground conduits and pathways. The generations of the future will need this infrastructure to support 40+ iPad or mobile devices per classroom.

Public and Private institutions need to get students and teachers connected virtually and physically. The Architecture and Design part of an IT mastery plan can be extensive. Capital used effectively can be transformative for a learning institution and planning at the beginning is key.

Education Technology Trends

  1. Ultra dense wireless networking, access point cabling and radio redundancy, load balancing, band-stearing from 2.4G to 5G
  2. 10G internet circuits and 40G infrastructure interconnection.
  3. Mixed or Hybrid environments to deliver student and faculty resources on-prem or via cloud providers, fast
  4. Tighter integration of student, faculty, and administrative services software using single sign-on features
  5. Enhanced voice, video, and media delivery, lower overhead.
  6. Online-focused platforms in conjunction with on-site classes

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