Our core values

The Truth
What business are we in?
We’re masters of the tools and technology services you use to manage your lives and businesses with. We’re in the business of providing an availability of helping experiences. We challenge the status quo with uncommon competencies, reliability and sincerity. We work to bridge the gap between communications and problem solving. Light Speed Systems staff consistently delivers helpful experiences for our client using a trusted always-on support model. Our founding principal is to help as many people as we can instead of selling another router, server or appliance.

The reasons we exist
Light Speed Systems exists today because of a rebirth of professional services needs demanded by the digital revolution. Our market is filled with resellers and over duplicated services that try to solve problems without properly addressing our human needs. Our purpose is to provide leadership to skilled, technology focused subject matter experts that connect with our clients and map out clean, clear requests that translate their perspective and emotion into results. We pursue milestones and accomplishments in different forms each and every day.

What impact is Light Speed Systems making in the world?
The feeling of accomplishment is unique and the power it fills you with is invigorating. Getting the right person to help you make key decisions needs to be a repeatable systematic process. Our business model allows us to reliably provide white-glove technical support using a consistent, reliable, repeatable support model that’s always available. What we provide to our clients can be measured in more time spent with your family, less time being frustrated, and the reduction or elimination of the feeling of being at a dead end. Our vision of success is continual process improvement centered around client fulfillment.

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