What the Equifax Hacking Scandal Means to You and How You Can Protect Yourself

If you are a US citizen, the odds are strong that you are one of the 145.5 million Americans whose private personal information was exposed to hackers in the Equifax data breach.  Equifax is one of the nation’s 3 major

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The Need for Speed: Modern Times Demand More Hardware Upgrades

In 2016 the average person had 3.64 connected digital devices.  That number is only going to grow as we strive to find more ways to remain connected to technology and each other.  Other innovations such as Internet of Things (IOT)

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We take a lot of the computer hardware we use for granted.  We assume that once the internet cabling and servers are set up in our place of business, we never have to worry about them again.  The software is

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Where is the Best Place to Host My Business Servers?

Here is a breakdown of three popular server hosting options and why you might or might now want to utilize them for your business.

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Want to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime? Train Your Employees

What most businesses may not understand is that their very own employees can be one of their biggest assets in the prevention of cybercrime attacks.

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5 Ways Your Smartphone is Watching Your Every Move

Our Smart Phones have become extensions of ourselves.  They are small pieces of technology that allow us access to all the world’s information with just a few finger swipes.  We rely on smartphones in so many aspects of our lives,

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The Truth About Always-On Communication Services

Internet connectivity is essential for a successful business.  These days even the most non-technological of businesses still needs to have access to the internet to communicate with customers via email, website or cell phone.  In fact, internet connectivity was declared

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Digital Signatures Improve Security, but can They Also Save You Money?

We’re living in modern times.  Every day more of what we do is moving online.  Businesses are finding ways to improve their services and increase their security by utilizing the speed and efficiency of online tools.  One such tool is

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One of the main goals that businesses have today is to make the most profit possible.  A close second to that goal is cutting costs, as every dollar saved is a dollar added to the profits.  There is an ongoing

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How to Back Up Your Data

Data is the new currency and the information kept electronically on our computers is the life blood of today’s businesses. Protecting that data should be of utmost importance.

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