Seeking Jr IT Security Analyst

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Salary: $20.00 to $30.00 /hour

Seeking a Jr IT Security Analyst. This is a training positionand we’ll train.

For the right person, LightSpeed Systems is offering a training position to start your career in the IT security services business.We are a managed services firm supporting several small to mid-sized businesses in the Bay Area with unique security requirements.

If you apply yourself, you will learn more herein 1 to 2 years than you would at a big company.

In this position, you will learn and strengthen your knowledge of PC and Apple hardware, operating systems, and applications. You’ll work with wired and wireless networks, Office 365, hosted systems, and cloud technologiesand a specific focus on enterprise security products and services including forensics, penetration testing, camera systems, and physical access.

In addition to the technical side, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping clients solve issues that help them be more effective in their work.

You must have goodproblem solvingskillsand critical thinking skills. You’ll need to asses, understand, evaluate, research, diagnose, cross reference, wiki-search, or escalate to help get problems solved.You’ll also have the benefit of working with and learning from senior staff and outside consultants.

To Summarize:
• You need to learn greatcustomer service skills in voice, email, txt, Slack, or other
• The ability to help start the support experience in a professionalmanner
• Monitoring key information in front of youusing dashboard
• Perform light user administration dutieslike password resets, ticket creation, scheduling or calendar events for future promises of action, getting the message to the right person
• Use security tools and best practices and scheduled planned maintenance windows to increase security and identify security issues for acquisition and analysis.
High-level Responsibilities:
1. Use monitoring dashboards to validate alerts, escalate to the right team member
a. We have 10+ tools that send us alerts that need to be monitored and responded depending on severity
2. Review queue of technical support “tickets” or “requests”, work to maintain an even number of tickets assigned to technical and non-technical team members
a. Sometimes helping customers generates new technical requests or sometimes even new sales request you’ll be responsible for cleanly handing off to the next best person
3. Understand the people and the technical obstruction preventing your customer from succeeding and remedy or escalate to the next best person
4. Re-prioritize tasks, practice clean-handoff, assist your team by making sure information is clear and accurate. Look carefully and listen closely.
5. Making and sending key communications to customers to provide executive summaries and working to demystify problems
6. Verify contact information for all human capital, people, vendors and their data
7. Use CRM and Webapps to understand systems that people and aid in fixing broken software
8. Coordinating events with technical and non-technical people
9. Review and analysis security dashboards and client specific attack surface logs.
10. Open new security cases for events that are requested by the customer or our team.

• Zeroto five years of experience working in an end-user support role or similar experience in customer service facing job position. We can train the right person!
• Experience and understanding of Microsoft Operating System products and Office products
• Extra credit: any vendor certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, or other
Compensation and Benefits:
• Competitive compensation depends on experience
• We offer health benefits and 401k with matching

LightSpeed Systemsis an equal opportunity employer. Employees are recruited, selected, trained, compensated and promoted without regard to race, religion, creed, color, gender, age, marital status,veteran status,national origin, citizenship, or disability not impairing the ability to perform the essential functions. Applicants must be currently eligible to work in the United States.

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